Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dems Polling Numbers Continue Decline

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We saw this with Rassmussen who tends to be an early indicator of where things are going. Now we have the Daily Kos weekly poll showing a serious softening of support for the Dems:

The first indicator of potential peril is the right track-wrong track metric. With each passing day, the mood of the nation is going to be reflected on the current political leadership in Washington DC, rather than the transgressions and incompetencies of the past leadership. And the mood of the nation appears to be darkening, rather than growing more optimistic. After a meteoric rise in the opening few months of the new Obama administration (spelling corrected from original), the RT/WT metric now sits at its worst level in months (-17: 40/57).
Also check out the numbers who say they will definitely vote among the GOP, Independents and Dems. Shocking to say the least.

Not sure of the sampling percentages but there are a whole bunch more Independents and Republicans than there were just a few months ago but I would imagine this poll is heavily weighted toward Dems as Kos always does, which should make the poll doubly disconcerting to the Democrats.

This also struck me with a full 20% more saying that they are happy with our current healthcare system than said so before Obama began talking up healthcare reform on the trail.

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