Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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The Phillies dropped a tough one last night when the always reliable Chase Utley couldn't make a throw on a crucial double play. Utley--in his typical style that endears him to Philly--said there was no excuse, he just made a bad throw. They won one and own home field advantage coming back home so it's all good.

Here's what's happening in the world:

-The communist side of the liberal spectrum is pissed at the socialist side and they are hissing and spitting like feral cats. I for one am enjoying it immensely as it precludes them from pushing their horrid agenda.

-Putting a dress on a pig: The WaPo puts a happy spin on an economy that is on life support:

Still, the figure represents a significant improvement over the darkest deficit projections, which had been as much as $400 billion higher earlier this year, when the economy was wallowing in recession. Since then, the outlook has brightened and a government bailout has successfully stabilized the nation's troubled financial sector. In a report released Friday, Treasury Department officials said the government had spent $132 billion less than expected in August, due primarily to a drop in anticipated spending on the banking bailout.

Er, exactly when was the nation's troubled financial sector "stabilized?"

-Obama threatens to destroy the insurance agency again. It's the "Chicago Way". An industry that has created millions of jobs and only reaps about 3% in profits is overtly being warned by a sitting president and a nation sits on its collective hands.

-California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa takes on the entrenched Democratic establishment.

-Newly minted Nobel Laureate allows our troops to die because he can't make the hard decisions required by the CinC. Obama said this was the right war and since his inauguration has done nothing but hamper the efforts of our brave men and women. They deserve more than that. These heroes and patriots, as well as those of other nations continue to die while their commander doesn't seem to care because dancing with Latina singers and berating the insurance industry is much more important than the lives of men like Specialist Justin Gallegos or the hundreds of others who've died while fighting against al-Qaeda.

-Local firefighter suspended for refusing to remove and American flag sticker from his locker. Can't have any jingoistic patriots in our midst in this new, improved Obamanation, can we?

I leave you with the always good Chip Bok:

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