Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bud Selig is an A-Hole

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But you knew that, right?

The Phillies schedule has been two day games starting at 2:37 PM east coast time and a game that was scheduled for last night at 9:37 that was snowed out.

Tonight they play Colorado at 10:00 PM in temps that will be mid-thirties at best instead of playing during the day when temps were someone near the fifties. Why? So as not to compete with the NFL. What a friggin' joke.

Oh, that makeup game will be most-likely tomorrow at 3-ish depending on the results of the Yankees game going on as we speak.

Perhaps Selig needs a crack to the dome to remember the the Phillies are THE REIGNING WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS you fucking idiot. They smacked your Brewers on the way to winning it. They deserve a bit more respect than the bullshit schedule they've been assigned just to maximize ratings and appease the Yankees.

Fuck you Selig, you are the worst commissioner in sports and don't deserve to be the leader of the best sport in America.

Oh, Colorado, build a fucking dome you losers.

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