Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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As I've said, time is lacking and I've had to cut back on some things. This blog has always been a hobby and has led me to money-making opportunities but still remains my bastion of sanity in Obamanation. I'll try to increase posting as time progresses.

Here's what's new in the world.

-Gregg Allman calls Rolling Stone magazine "tired" and says their piece on him "sucked". He takes aim at them for calling him a "redneck". Considering the Allman's were an integrated band before integration was cool, he's right, Rolling Stone has been garbage ever since PJ O'Rourke left. An altogether good interview before the Allmans played in Camden last night.

-Lost in all the empty rhetoric being thrown around by the media calling health care protesters everything from fascists to rednecks is the simple fact that it is a fundamental good for our elected representatives to be scared of the people who voted for them. They were elected to speak and legislate for us and have grown accustomed to the elitism that pervades the nation's capital. Democrats are feeling it now and the will of the electorate has forced them to take notice of what we as a nation want for our future. That future does not include socialized medicine.

-The race card is such a tired and lame excuse for failure but then again, David Paterson is tired and lame as a governor so there you go.

-Americans are living longer than ever thanks to the best health care system in the world. That would be the system Obama wants to break.

-Conservatives own Twitter according to, well, everyone. Witness this where Sarah Palin's Facebook page is enormously popular.

Let's end this with the great Lowell George leading Little Feat playing the epic Dixie Chicken in London in 1977:

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