Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday Night Videos--Saturday Afternoon Edition

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It's a stormy Saturday in the Garden State and the Sox are putting it to the Yanks so I figured I crack a cold one and post some good music. As I write, the rain is pounding and the thunder is ragin' overhead. A great excuse to get out of doing the yard work that needs to be done.

Let's start with the Dead doing the classic Merle Haggard piece Sing Me Back Home. No video but incredible audio. Jerry always soared on songs like this including the epic Stella Blue, High Time and I Shall Be Released and is why I was drawn to the band in the first place...Jerry's voice.

Next we have the late, great Stevie Ray doing what has to be the most frequently played songs by great blues guitarist's: Little Wing. Hendrix, Clapton and myriad others did it but SRV's version is most excellent. It's been almost 19-years to the day that SRV died at the young age of 35 when a helicopter: he was flying in crashed after playing a gig with Clapton and Robert Cray:

Finally, Alice in Chains classic Rooster without video but nice quality audio. Layne Staley had a great voice and a flawed personality and that may be why he was so brilliant. Jerry Cantrell and the boys are out on the road in support of some new stuff and sounding good:

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