Thursday, July 02, 2009

Thursday Afternoon News & Notes

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Today is about a close to feeling like a Friday as any day but a Friday can. Enjoy the Fourth, I'm headed down to Virginia for a baseball tourney with my boy.

Here's what's new is this crazy-ass world:

-A joint Russian-Nigerian oil conglomerate chooses a highly unfortunate name.

-Saddam told the FBI that he lied about WMD to fool Iran. He also fooled Dick Cheney, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John Edwards, Joe Biden...

-Some never-was on CNBC claims he received "veiled death threats" from bloggers over comments against the blogosphere. I've never heard of the guy and he doesn't show up in too many hits on Google. I guess he's going for that cool lib street cred or something. BTW, WTF is a "veiled death threat?"

-WaPo conducts fastest damage control in history after flyer's offering access to top pols for money distributed.

-US Soldier captured by Taliban after being "sold" by insurgents. The terrorists say they will release a video soon. Pray for the man.

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