Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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Off to Pace, Florida for the USSSA Baseball World Series with my boy. Exciting times for a 13-year old.

Here's what's new.

-Comparing the cowboy code to the left code. I'll take the cowboy code every single time.

-The Russians aren't too happy about the South Park portrayal of Vlad Putin. Lighten up, Vladimir.

-NY Times writer David Brooks says a GOP senator had "his hand on my inner thigh" during a "whole" dinner party. Er, David, why would you let him leave it there unless of course you liked it, which would make the question moot.

-We are if desperate of another Reagan while the Brits could surely use another Thatcher. Unfortunately, on the US side of the pond we are in short supply of Conservatives save Rick Perry and Sarah Palin.

-DHS sneaking toward open borders. Amnesty and decreased regulatory authority are on the way.

-Obama set to give the "rich" a good soaking. Socialism lives in the US.

-Government Motors making life miserable for private, non-government-owned entities. The administration is seeking to destroy all industry in one way or another.

-Update: It seems as though I'm sensing more buyers remorse than previously. Kilroy seems to be experiencing it but more importantly, he joins the numerous Obama supporters who are realizing the stimulus was a bad idea the way it was constructed.

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Terri said...

This comment on the Kilroy post crack me up.:

from "Shirley, on July 9th, 2009 at 12:20 pm Said:

I agree with you, Kilroy. The problem with the “stimulus” bill is that is was untargeted and unfocused.
Much of the money was to shore up state budgets, not to create jobs.
I agree that by letting consumers and businesses keep more of their money the economy would have been much more “stimulated”.
It is a joke, and a disaster for the country."

Wouldn't that be the same thing as lowering taxes and reducing government.