Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama Officially Tanking

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Liberals bashed Rasmussen when they showed Obama's numbers falling. Now the official house organ for the administration--ABC--is seeing the same thing:

Heading into a critical period in the debate over health-care reform, public approval of President Obama's stewardship on the issue has dropped below the 50 percent threshold for the first time, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Obama's approval ratings on other front-burner issues, such as the economy and the federal budget deficit, have also slipped over the summer, as rising concern about spending and continuing worries about the economy combine to challenge his administration. Barely more than half approve of the way he is handling unemployment, which now tops 10 percent in 15 states and the District.

The president's overall approval rating remains higher than his marks on particular domestic issues, with 59 percent giving him positive reviews and 37 percent disapproving. But this is the first time in his presidency that Obama has fallen under 60 percent in Post-ABC polling, and the rating is six percentage points lower than it was a month ago.
Six points in one month is huge and they will go down this month as well. The health care issue will be a drag as people become more aware of just what it will mean to them as a tax payer and a consumer.

The honeymoon is over and the hand-wringing will begin. Look to see The One and his tele-prompter all over the TV in the coming weeks as he tries to make his case to he country. The roblem is that we're all sick of seeing him.


Anonymous said...

It's not just Obama, but democrats in any office are starting to feel the heat.

Our new mayor , a democrat, is headed for recall after being in office less than three months.

Democrats as the "party of change" have proven to be a change for the worst!

Lora said...

I don’t understand the media or some Americans. All the people that are hoping Obama fails and saying there is no change. Is the reason there is no change. Do we really want to see our economy in the tank, do we really ant to see no healthcare reform. Do we really want to see insurance companies get rich off the backs of the American people by insurance premiums? Its also been said that the public option will put the government between the people and the doctors but today this time the insurance companies are the ones who are between the people and the doctor. Anyone to oppose that truth alls you have to do is look at your own insurance company and see who decides whether your doctor can treat you for whatever it is you are being treated for. Insurance companies even decide how long doctors can spend time with a patient during an office visit. It is that kind of control by the insurance companies ok with the American people?