Monday, July 20, 2009

The Real Cost of Global Warming & Deficits

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It's all out in the open now. Obama's Treasury Secretary has now let the cat out of the bag with regard to the administration's thinking on China, global warming and what responsibility they believe the American people have in the alleged environmental ailments our planet is suffering:

But yesterday, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said something amazing—U.S. consumers should pay for part of Chinese greenhouse-gas emissions. From Reuters:

“It’s important that those who consume the products being made all around the world to the benefit of America — and it’s our own consumption activity that’s causing the emission of greenhouse gases, then quite frankly Americans need to pay for that,” Commerce Secretary Gary Locke told the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.
And there it is; America is a huge consumer of energy and thus a major polluter in their eyes. That means we have to pay to help clean up the nations we import products from. Forget the fact that China would be an oozing cesspool of chemical and biological waste even if we didn't import a single product from them. Just as the former Soviet Union raped and pillaged the planet from the former Czechoslavakia to the Ukraine, the Chinese are doing the same. Communism and environmentalism are not compatible in the least.

But the real key here is that China holds enormous amounts of our debt. Obama knows that they and the rest of the world are a bit edgy about the state of our economy and we needed to assuage some of their weariness. What better way then to say we'd pay for their pollution? It's a win-win for the Peoples Republic. But truth be told, Obama knows that we will need China to but our paper to pay for socialized medicine and he is flat out bribing them by taking this tack.

The idea that rich-country consumers should pick up the tab for some of China’s industrial emissions has been gaining currency lately—but not from within the Obama administration. The argument is that many of China’s factories churn out cheap stuff for the West, not for domestic consumption, so those consumers are actually responsible for the emissions. China, of course, loves the idea.
When is the Obama administration going to get it? China is a rich country and they got rich by industrial production. They made their own mess and now we're offering to clean it up for them.

I have a shirt made in Vietnam, pants made in El Salvador and numerous product made in Taiwan; are we going to pay for their emissions as well?

This could just be another area for trade tensions with China over the environment. The House climate bill includes a provision for mandatory “carbon tariffs” on dirty imports from countries such as China, which might be illegal under international trade law and which have riled up Beijing. President Obama and Senate leaders have frowned on hardline trade measures.
Of course they have, why should we pressure China to clean up their own mess when the decreasingly affluent Americans can do it for them.

Watch how quickly this sputters out as Obama puts pressure on Nancy Pelosi to strike the provision and essentially gives China the right to pollute at will. The American public has reached a breaking point with Obama and this would be enough to put us over the edge. The Chinese want more latitude in the region and want to control the area from their northern border to Singapore. They have built up their naval forces to do just that and our leadership is cow-towing to them at every turn.

Obama's deficits are going to cost us more than we ever imagined. We need China to support his agenda and if we have to pay for their emissions, it's but a small price in the long run to implement his policies and plans.

Welcome to the new America, welcome to Obamanation.

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