Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Obama and Baseball: Keep Your Day Job, Kid

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The Chief Executive walked to the mound, toed the rubber and with the world watching...threw like a girl:

Note the boos as well.

Now, I'm not a major league vet but for crying out loud, the dude has a tall, lanky pitchers body and he's a lefty--the perfect combo for a pitcher. And he can't throw more than a forty MPH arcing pitch in the dirt. North Korea is laughing at us. Iran is laughing at us. Now we have the baseball-crazy Latin American world laughing at us. Dude, when the leader of the Dominican Republic has reason to chuckle at us, we're in trouble.

Here's George W. Bush showing how it's done by a man who's actually played between the lines:

A friggin' strike right down the middle.

To add to that, he's a faux baseball fan as he referred to Comiskey Park as "Cominskey". Anyone who has followed the club for, oh, the last century knows it's Comiskey named after a former owner and since renamed US Cellular Field. Some fan.

More at GWP.

Update: The media fawns all over The One throwin' the old 59-footer. Too bad the mound is 60' 6" from the plate.

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