Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Afternoon News & Notes

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Still in Pensacola, FL with my son who's playing in the USSSA World Series in Pace. Won today 3-0 and my son caught a good game while the starting pitcher pitched a complete game, two-hit shutout. The pic at right is the view from the house me and other families are renting for the week. Nice and the fishing is excellent. I pulled up some catfish, several sting rays and my boy caught a huge redfish.

Here's what's new in the world:

-We all knew that global warming swindlers had the ultimate goal of destroying wealth and wealth redistribution. They have actually let it slip out this time.

-Obama and the Dems are going to soak the steadily declining "rich". But hey, why stop at the "rich" when you can destroy the leading sector for jobs creation as well.

-Furthermore, why stop at the "rich" and small business when you can go after families as well. These people want to control everything in a Big Brotheresque way.

-Smokes don't actually cost 23 quadrillion dollars, they just seem that way.

-Yasir Arafat is still dead. How much did Mahmoud Abbas have to do with it? Politics as bloodsport.

-The Obama administration says "please, please pretty please give up your nuclear intentions, Iran" while threatening a stern scolding and a timeout if they don't comply. Unleash the Israeli Air Force for crying out loud. Then denounce them for taking action so you don't lose any cred on the "Arab street".

-The soldier who claims he doesn't have to go to Afghanistan because Obama was not born in the US so doesn't have the authority has won his case. I still think the guy is a puss for not going just as I believe a conscientious objector is as well but he scores points for originality.

-Cap and Tax Trade would probably be a boon for Timmy Geithner's and Jon Corzine's cronies at Goldman-Sachs.

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