Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flying Pig Moment: John Stewart Busts on Obama

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Have my eyes deceived me?

Shocka! Stewart actually busted on Obama's poor speaking style, the reporter who asked the inane A-Rod question, the Huffington Post and just about every other brutal aspect of that press conference.

It's a start I guess and one doubts it will spread to the volume we saw with Bush but late night talkers would be wrong to miss this gold mine of comedy. So far, in less than a month, Obama has broken every campaign promise, hired tax cheats, irritated our allies, ridiculed his VP and essentially made a mess of his first task--ramming through the porkulus package.

Interestingly, we see a GOP that was in the gutter a month ago resurgent and ready to fight because of Obama's lack of leadership and downright incompetence thus far.

His press conference the other night was a moment to shine and give Americans confidence ala FDR, JFK and Reagan. Instead he came off as a poor copy of Jimmy Carter delivering his "Malaise" speech.

Stewart now should turn his attention to Robert Gibbs, that dudes daily press briefing would give him material for the foreseeable future.

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