Monday, February 16, 2009

"Fairness" Doctrine Update

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I've been getting back to normal after a week on the left coast and that would explain the light posting.

That said, I'm ready to go at it again after digesting the events of last week where we saw a bill passed that will put us on the glorious par of Iceland, France and Great Britain. One thing about Obama, he reaches for the stars, doesn't he?

On to today's first topic. You know that the return of the "Fairness Doctrine" has been a liberal wish since Reagan rightly bounced it over twenty years. It's represents everything that America doesn't and that would explain why libs love it so much.

Well, now the libs have their man in place and they don't even need the three traitors--Specter, Snowe and Collins-- to jump ship to get it back in all it's infamy. Once Obama establishes Julius Genachowski--his nominee--we'll see it come fast and furious and the GOP will be helpless (second item) to do anything but watch and whimper.

This time however, it's not just TV they want, they want to go after talk radio and will bring the best Stalinist policies to do so. They will go to for profit companies and tell them what they must put on the air. Don't like what Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin say? Put on six hours of mindless liberal droning by the likes of Ed Schultz to counter them. No one will listen but it will be "fair". It really doesn't matter what the ownership of the networks say because the government wants this and they dole out the licenses. Last I heard, Premiere Radio and other entities didn't ask for or receive any bailout money, because, of course, they're making least until this new Orwellian measure is implemented.

But wait, they won't stop at talk radio; no they'll soon go after the Internet and blogs will be a nice easy target. Don't like what I write? Just complain and they'll force me to allow posting one of these scrubs to counter it.

I find it amusing that liberals screamed that George W. Bush was going to do the following things:

*Bush would cancel the election in 2008; and
*Our rights would be severely curtailed.

Interesting that it's a liberal president that has diminished our rights more in the first month than eight years of "W".

With all that in mind; note how Megyn Kelly goes all pitbull on the most irritating liberal of all:

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