Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Years Day News and Notes

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Happy New Year. While shaking the hangover away and drinking your sixth cup of coffee, peruse the links below.

Microsoft seems to have begun 2009 the way they ended 2008. This is anecdotal but my wife mentioned the Apple store was packed the other day.

What the hell is wrong with the British left? The term "inmates" is considered offensive to those convicted of crimes and serving time in prison. Read it all to see the opposition comments, they are priceless.

And the Enemy of the Year is...

Fifty years of oppression, murder, poverty and backward government...let's celebrate!

The most corrupt politicians of 2008. Alas, 2009 looks to be more of the same.

Finally, here's hoping for a Penn State win over the heavily favored Trojans. Do it for Joe Pa:

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