Sunday, January 04, 2009

More Great Moments in Socialized Medicine

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Obama and Daschle have a dream; a dream to make the US health care system exactly like those in Canada and Britain. I guess we have this to look forward to then:

The organs of British donors are being given to private patients from overseas - despite a severe shortage of organs for people in this country.

Documents show that 50 livers from British donors were given to patients from Cyprus, Greece and other countries, even though 259 British patients are waiting for a potentially life-saving transplant.

It means British people with incurable liver disease could potentially die waiting for a transplant when suitable organs have been handed to foreigners.

...Freedom of Information requests have revealed that foreigners pay around £75,000 for the operations. This money is shared between the transplant surgeon, who may get around £20,000, and the hospital trust.
More on the socialized medicine debacles the world over can be found here, here here and here...and oh yeah, here.

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