Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sullivan's Pretzel Logic on Abortion and Torture

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Try to follow the great St. Andrew as he twists himself in a complete knot in one paragraph. Let's break it down, shall we?

I could never be an abortionist and admire those in the medical profession who refuse to become one. The difference of course, is that the government is actually torturing; it is not merely permitting torture.
The "government" is not doing the "torturing", (Sullivan calls waterboarding torture), it has policies in place that say what can and can't be used to coerce information. By that thinking that Sullivan puts to pixels, the government by allowing abortion is thereby aborting. You can't say one and then exclude the other using that logic.

And so all of us are far more directly implicated in the government's torture than we are in a constitutional regime in which other private citizens are permitted to abort the unborn children of consenting women.
Wrong! We, by allowing abortion to remain legal are implicated in the deaths of millions of children. some very late term and viable and some who are born alive and then killed (what some may call torture far worse than waterboarding).

I guess that Sullivan is so incoherent at this point--what with trying to prove that Trig Palin is Bristols' and all--that he can't put together a logical argument without twisting himself into a gobsmackingly crazy-ass pretzel.

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