Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obama On Drug Laws

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The one and only issue I thought Obama and I would agree on was the War on Drugs and the farce it actually is. I was wrong.

We spend billions fighting a "war" that we can never win. The war on poverty was essentially the same. The war on terror? Winnable. The War on Drugs? Not so much.

You can't just throw money at something and put some government workers on the case and win. As with the aforementioned war on poverty, it accomplishes nothing for those at which it's aimed and only enriches civil servants, drug dealers and state coffers.

We've been fighting drug dealers at all levels, targeted supplier nations and put tens of thousands in jail and we still have a major drug problem. It doesn't work and it's time for a new tack, one in which we take a pragmatic, intelligent approach. Slogans like "just say no" or some other such nonsense are a joke. Putting users in jail manages to ruin lives more than the drugs and places an enormous burden on our penal system while destroying familes and contributing to the endless cycle of poverty.

Jeralyn discusses this topic today.


robert verdi said...

just say no was more effective then you say.

Scott said...

No it wasn't. I was in high school when that stupid campaign came out and it was a joke among teenagers.