Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obama Chooses Rick warren for Invocation; Left Reacts as Expected

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Rick Warren is a man of God but Liberals are pissed that he would actually appear at the inauguration actually, you know, blessing the days events.

As expected, libs are reacting as if Obama picked Dick Cheney to do the deed. Let's start with Think Regress Progress:

Pastor Rick Warren, President-elect Obama’s choice to deliver the inaugurual (sic)invocation, has espoused far-right views on gay rights, including likening same-sex marriage to polygamy and incest. Today, MSNBC previewed a segment from Dateline NBC’s interview with Warren, airing tomorrow, in which he laughs off accusations of being “homophobic” because he “talks to” gay people and served protesters water...
And what about John Amato? Yeah, he's not handling it well:

The Left in this country has been tormented and assaulted for eight years under Bush, conservatives and religious-right leaders like Rick Warren. We were called traitors, America-haters, and Socialists who didn't support the troops -- everything that they called Barack Obama during his presidency run. Well, we got that too and fought as hard as we could against it.

What Rick Warren represents is something that is dark and ugly in American culture. He is given a huge platform to disparage groups of people to the media under the guise of his religious beliefs. And he is also celebrated for it.
And on and on it goes. Obama has now done to libs who supported him what white libs did to Blacks for decades; used them to get votes and once in office did things that are 180-degrees from what they voted the candidate in for.


I guess BHO didn't have the balls to let Jeremiah Wright give the invocation.

PS: For the record, religious Conservatives aren't exactly happy about it either.

Update: Dan Riehl has some thoughts.

Update: Damn, they really are pissed. Awesome!

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