Friday, December 19, 2008

Liberals Prove We Won In Iraq

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If you needed any more proof that we won in the central battle in the War on Terror, look no further than They had a vote on their "top goals" for 2009 and they are as follows:

1. Universal health care 64.9%
2. Economic recovery and job creation 62.1%
3. Build a green economy, stop climate change 49.6%
4. End the war in Iraq 48.3%
5. Improve public schools 21.6%
6. Restore civil liberties 16.8%
7. Hold the Bush Administration accountable 15.2%
8. Gay rights/LGBT equality 8.6%
9. Increase access to higher education 7.6%
10. Reform campaigns and elections 5.7%
Note that Iraq places fourth and even more incredibly, "hold the Bush administration accountable" got a lower percentage than the current president's approval rating, the same with the ambiguous "restore civil liberties". Ending the war was once the sole goal of this coalition of misfits and idiots, now, not so much. I guess that means we've conclusively won it. You're welcome, Moveon. Our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines have secured your freedom to have stupid polls like this once again.

Further note that the last on the list is "reform campaigns and elections". With all the cheating they were allegedly involved in, it's no wonder that it was the last goal on the list. Cheating got them an election win but would be number one had McCain run any kind of useful campaign.

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robert verdi said...

green economy? they mean green pork off course