Tuesday, December 09, 2008

More on Obama and Blagojevich

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Too much damn fun for one blogger to have. The coronation is only weeks away and The One is forced to answer unseemly questions about corruption.

My favorite is this relic dug up by Jake Tapper:

On the Chicago TV show "Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz" on June 27, 2002, state Sen. Obama said, "Right now, my main focus is to make sure that we elect Rod Blagojevich as Governor, we..."

"You working hard for Rod?" interrupted Berkowitz.

"You betcha," said Obama.

"Hot Rod?" asked the host.

"That's exactly right," Obama said.

In 2004, then-Gov. Blagojevich enthusiastically endorsed Obama for the Senate seat after he won the nomination, and Obama endorsed Blagojevich for his 2006 re-election race in early 2005.
"You betcha"? Obama channeled Sarah Palin before she was even known? Does that mean that all those who busted on Palin for using such plain English will now apologize?

Doubtful, but I digress.

There's a thread in here where Obama will be tied and it will be revealed that he was in with all these dirtbags. Clinton's staff feared "bimbo eruptions", Obama's staff better sure as hell fear Blago eruptions because the dude is now tainted.

Order me up one serious special prosecutor, pronto.

The awesome awesomeness of this is too much. If the media had actually done their job and vetted BHO, they'd have found the connection or at least be able to report that there was none. Instead, they were too busy opining just how great this guy is. Now they'll have to report for the next month his involvement or non-involvement instead of feel-good stories about the inauguration.

Second piece of awesomeness, the libs aren't even trying to find a good side because they know...they just know.

Better yet: did Rahm Emanuel sell out the guv to protect The One? That would be Chicago politics on a grand scale. Is this why Blagojevich isn't stepping down so he can rub it right back in their faces?


This is a right-wing bloggers dream.

Update: Sean Hannity's punching bag soft-peddles it and says that Blagojevich is "being accused" of selling a US Senate seat. No Alan, he was indicted. Any idiot who made it past third grade can see from the transcripts that the governor was actively selling the seat to the highest bidder and clearly was shitting on what many Americans consider one of the greatest parts of our nation. Alan, of course, is covering for this scumbag.

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robert verdi said...

the fact that Blago won't step down is a nice touch. Anyway Obama was a partner with this guys for years, and we are to believe that he knew nothing of his corruption. That means Obama is either a liar or ignorant of what the people around him are doing.