Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Laugh of the Day: Left-Wing Rag Says Media Biased

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Savor the schadenfreude my friends:

There's just no reason for reporting like this. Is Obama connected to Blagojevich's scandal? No, but the scandal is "threatening to dog him." Has Obama done anything wrong? No, but Republicans are going to "try to link him to the scandal."

Well, yes, of course they are. That's what political opponents do. We're supposed to have an independent, professional press that helps the public cut through the nonsense and explain why baseless attacks are wrong. Instead, we get an "analysis" piece like this one.
If we had an "independent, professional press" the country have known that Obama supported Blago, all about the Rezko scandal, Ayers, Rev. Wright and the myriad other seedy folks Obama has hung with over the years. But no, they chose to protect him and not properly vet him because they wanted him to win, plain and simple.

How ironic that the medias utter lack of professionalism and failure to live up to their collective responsibilities results in a scandal before Obama can even take office.

What a joke that this clown is down on the media for reporting a scandal where the governor of a state offered to sell a Senate seat to the highest bidder and had a previous relationship with the President-elect. Even they couldn't avoid the utter disrespect for the sanctity of everything America holds dear Blago just pissed on.

Welcome to our world, a world where we deal with this daily.

My heart pumps piss for The One.

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robert verdi said...

may this stick in their craw