Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rezko Sings, Blago Stonewalls and Obama Sweats

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It isn't going away soon. With Rezko talking and trying to save his skin, the entire political Democratic establishment in Chicago must be sweating bullets:

"Tony" Rezko's offer to provide authorities with evidence of others' wrongdoing is "not complete," and prosecutors are working to corroborate the claims he has made so far, the footnote said.

Rezko, a 53-year-old developer, was convicted in June of 16 criminal counts, including fraud, money laundering and abetting bribery. He is in custody awaiting sentencing.

Prosecutors depicted Rezko at trial as a fixer for Blagojevich and the man to see to secure a high-level appointment with the governor's administration. Rezko had been a longtime fundraiser for Blagojevich and other Illinois politicians, including Obama.
But Fitzgerald never mentioned anything about another scandal; the Obama/Rezko land deal where the Obama's made out like bandits thanks to the largess of Rezko. Should a special prosecutor be named, the probe will most-certainly expand to include that transaction.

As for Blagojevich, I would be very surprised if the guy didn't keep every single e-mail and maybe even tape calls and conversations. He plays hardball and he knows that every correspondence could be one that brings him power by holding it as a trump cards (or a get out of jail free card as it were. If he has any info that he's withholding, especially if it implicates Obama after The One has already gone on record as saying he was not involved, we would be looking at the biggest scandal since at least Lewinsky but since this involves subverting the electoral process, would be much worse.

Let's see how it plays out but one would be an utter fool to think that Obama has no skeletons in the Chicago political closet. He'd be very wise to start letting those dark secrets out while he has a bit of a honeymoon than letting them trickle out day-by-day.

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