Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Arson Attack at Palin Church Very Suspicious

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The church Gov. Sarah Palin attends was attacked last week. The perpetrators used some type of accelerant and set fires at the exits while people--including children--were inside.

The media has barely even covered the story but it's clearly looking like whomever was responsible meant to harm or kill those inside. As one of AP's commenters notes: if it had been Rev. Wright's church, it would be a nationwide story for weeks. Instead, it's a conservative church in little Wasilla attended by the moose stew-eating, elk shooting, hillbilly governor. Note the point Palin makes about the insert in the churches handout about a gay groups meeting in Anchorage.

Update: Speaking of Palin, Joe Scarborough eviscerates the media on the double standard displayed vis a vis Obama and Palin. Video below, Ace has the pertinent narrative.

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