Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hope and Change: Another Obama Nominee in a Scandal

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Jeez, his people have been in more scandals in the month and a half since the election than Bush was in nearly eight years:

A federal grand jury is investigating whether a financial firm improperly won more than $1.4 million in work for the state of New Mexico shortly after making contributions to political action committees of Gov. Bill Richardson (D).

The probe focuses on whether the governor's office urged a state agency to hire CDR Financial Products. The probe is in a highly active stage at a time when President-elect Barack Obama has chosen Richardson as his nominee for secretary of commerce, according to two sources familiar with the investigation.

The grand jury in Albuquerque is expected to hear testimony today from several key witnesses, including officials at Richard's political action committees and bankers at J.P. Morgan who worked with CDR on the state's investments.
Easy guys, you may want to wait for The One to be inaugurated before you start implementing the Chicago way in DC.

This is the new Democrat party where ethics are paramount and the people will be returned the government that is truly theirs...Yeah right. I actually typed that with a straight face.

One would have thought that Obama would have been warned of the baggage that accompanies Clintonista's. Evidently not as he has taken every single one that would work for him except Gore.

Hope and change baby. Hope. And. Change.

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