Friday, November 28, 2008

Why Aren't Left-Wing Blogs Reporting on Mumbai Story?

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I find it intriguing that very few left-of-center blogs are reporting on the terror attacks in India. This is a story with world-wide implications and people from myriad nations were killed or injured.

It goes to reason that this is a story that should capture their attention as I'm presuming that those targeted and killed were intellectuals and probably liberal-minded. Conservatives from Britain, Australia and America would generally not be the people I would think of as residing or visiting India. I may be wrong but details I've read seem to show this is the case.

In scanning the lefty blogs, I found a blurb from Taylor Marsh sandwiched between a story about Rosie O'Donnell and shopping. Sullivan posts a cut and paste about the Indian/Muslim "divide" and the effect it may have on Obama and Talk Left has a cut and paste post as well with no comment. The only lefty who has run more than one or two posts is TPM.

Maybe it's because they can't quite grasp the violence of the attacks or that they have no concept of weapons, tactics or the military in general so they don't feel comfortable writing about such things. But this is the present and the future, terror attacks are not going away because Obama is inaugurated. The Pakistanis and the Indians are not going to shake hands and sing Imagine just because Obama is sitting in the Oval Office (update: He's already pissed off the Indians). Obama will have to deal with terrorism and odds are that those who wish us harm will get lucky and hit us once again at home.

Liberals are going to have to realize that you can't just puts you fingers in your ears and scream "la la la" while keeping your eyes closed every time terrorists hit. This is a real problem with no clear solutions. You can't throw money at the problem or negotiate with those who have no feelings when executing children. The way to negotiate is from the trigger side of a gun, they understand force and nothing else.

My guess is if they could pin this on President Bush, we'd be hearing a lot more from the liberal blogosphere. Otherwise, we hear nothing but silence.

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robert verdi said...

issues like this undercut their arguments and strengthen the policies of Bush, hence ignore them.