Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Attack: Pakistan Connection Firming Up

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Regardless of who was responsible for the Mumbai attacks, the Indian government was going to blame Pakistan for several reasons: a) it's plausible and b) they failed miserably in protecting the citizens of the country and need a scapegoat.

That said, it appears more and more likely that there is a Pakistani connection:

An arrested terrorist has revealed that the Mumbai terror attack operation was planned about six months ago.

Investigators are examining satellite phone and GPS found on trawler seized in Arabian Sea.

Sources have told NDTV that data from GPS revealed terrorists sailed from Karachi harbour on November 12 or 13. Their phone was used to call Lashkar commander Yusuf Muzamil in Muzaffarabad.

The group of terrorists stayed in Karachi for about four days. The mobile phone found on a dead terrorist was used to make calls to Pakistan.

On November 18, Coast Guard had warned of possibility of infiltration by sea route.

Again, take it with a shovel of salt but if it were proven that the operation did originate in Karachi and the terrorists did contact Muzamil, why would the Indians request the head of ISI to aid in the investigation? ISI has had associations with Lashkar in the past.

If it also plays out that the Coast Guard did indeed warn of infiltration by sea, I would imagine the Indian intelligence apparatus will be ripped apart and rebuilt.

Update: It's being reported that the culprits were part of LeT and hijacked a Vietnam-bound ship from which they entered Indian waters. They're saying twelve were involved with help from Indian Muslims. Scary to think what just twelve 25 men with the proper planning and ammunition can accomplish. Well, we saw what 19 could do here in the states...

Updates and other info here including the report that a security force plane was held up awaiting politicians. Plus, this must-read piece in the Hindustan Times.

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