Friday, November 28, 2008

The NY Times Slimes Czech President

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Czech President Vaclav Klaus is among the most-outspoken global warming sceptics and is in line to take the rotating EU leadership position next year. Global warming zealots are in a lather and are in smear mode to the extreme with the willing help of the NY Times:

Here's the first few paragraphs of the hit piece by Dan Bilefsky:

PRAGUE — In the 1980s, a Communist secret police agent infiltrated clandestine economics seminars hosted by Vaclav Klaus, a fiery future leader of the Czech Republic, who had come under suspicion for extolling free market virtues. Rather than reporting on Marxist heresy, the agent was most struck by Mr. Klaus’s now famous arrogance.

“His behavior and attitudes reveal that he feels like a rejected genius,” the agent noted in his report, which has since been made public. “He shows that whoever does not agree with his views is stupid and incompetent.”

Decades later, Mr. Klaus, the 67-year-old president of the Czech Republic — an iconoclast with a perfectly clipped mustache — continues to provoke strong reactions. He has blamed what he calls the misguided fight against global warming for contributing to the international financial crisis, branded Al Gore an “apostle of arrogance” for his role in that fight, and accused the European Union of acting like a Communist state.
Imagine the Times outrage if a paper used the same tactic. Imagine if a Times of London piece was written about Obama where the first few paragraphs were taken from an FBI report on him where he was noted as dimwitted or other such negatives written by an agent who was, shall we say, racist. This is no different quoting an agent who was tasked with investigating those who questioned the wisdom of The State.

The environmental alarmists are in high dudgeon because they see the carefully constructed facade of global warmingism being torn down. When gas hit $4.00 per gallon, people were forced to look at the issue of energy and the environment and they decided that global warming was beginning to look like an orchestrated sham. Add to that the realization that it is indeed getting colder when they walk out the door every morning and you have a global warming lobby in disarray. They can't live with the fact that not only is no one listening to them but they are actually being ignored.

The Times can't let one of the pillars of liberal ideology die or the whole house of cards may tumble so they have to go after sceptics with vigor. The result is the piece excerpted above.

Excuse me for harping on this point; but The NY Times actually quoted an agent for an agency that was in concert with the Soviets to squash any internal dissidence by violent or oppressive means. Amazing.

The Gray Lady is dead and all that emanates is articles like this coming from the rotting corpse.

Update: people are just not trusting the enviro-zealots anymore. The author linked to above just can't seem to understand that people look at global warming as a scam.


robert verdi said...

of course they did, never in my whole life have I seen such rigid thinking in regards to an issue. This man is a hero, but they have to destroy him.

robert verdi said...

cool site by the way