Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Update (Update: Two Terrorists Brit-born, Two Americans dead)

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The Taj Hotel is supposedly cleared. The Jewish Center has been stormed and details are sketchy:

Captured terrorists revealed that the attackers entered on a boat and utilized smaller trawlers to get to shore. LeT is being blamed by nearly everyone now:

This was a monumental security failure by Indian authorities (not unusual) who have been subjected to massive terror attacks in the past. Pakistani involvement is not known but if there was assistance, it would make things very dicey in the region.

I had missed this, but in a significant move, President Zardari of Pakistan disbanded the political wing of their intelligence service ISI earlier this week. That group was believed to have assisted the various terror groups throughout Pakistan, including LeT. Maybe I'm grasping at straws, but could the political wing of ISI have known what was planned in Mumbai (or assisted in procuring weapons, etc) and allowed it to go forward even after they were excised from the government?

Streaming Mumbai video here.

Responsibility for the attacks has not been completely established, however, India has its share of domestic insurgents. I guess we can add the previously unheard of Deccan Mujahideen to the list.

Update: The borders on the embedded IBN video are off due to weird tags.

Update: Shocka! Two of the attackers were British-born Pakistanis. Also, the rhetoric is starting to ratchet up between India and Pakistan.

Update: Those killed were executed by garrote (strangled with wire or other means) according to this radio report from London paper The Guardian. More from The Guardian here in very detailed fashion.

Update: A father and daughter from Viginia are confirmed dead.

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