Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Chris Myers for Congress

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In what is shaping up as a dogfight, Chris Myers is battling John Adler for the seat being vacated by Rep. Jim Saxton.

This is an important one, folks. An Obama win and an increase in seats in the House means we need reliable conservatives who will act as a a bulwark against the liberal legislation Speaker Pelosi will try to ram through. This isn't a time for soft conservatism but for hard-nosed fighters who will stand up to Pelosi, Hoyer, Emanuel and Frank. Myers is that guy and a fellow decorated Navy vet to boot who served his country during the first Iraq War.

A perfect day is a Myers win, a Murtha loss and and a McCain win. Let's hope for all but at least two out of three.

Alright, here's the particulars:

Myers is up by a little over 1%; within the margin of error and a strong Obama turnout in Cherry Hill could spell disaster. Get out and vote Myers (I would say early and often but the Dems seem to have that locked up).

Background on the race here.

Latest on the candidates here.

Myers' site is here.

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