Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McCain/Palin Making a Move

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It's becoming a trend. Drudge is teasing that Obama only has a 3% lead now (update: here's the Rasmussen report) and if the public even believes a little that McCain is still in this, the voters will turn out in droves. polling has seriously suffered the last few cycles, however.

The media rush to support and declare Obama the winner is just not supported by the facts and a final push by McCain/Palin could make this an election where we won't know the winner when we go to bed on Tuesday night. The backlash would make Bush/Gore in 2000 seem tame by comparison.

Rasmussen has the electoral votes (scroll down to map) well within Obama's favor but they also have Pennsylvania and Florida in the Obama column and I'm not so sure that either will be won by Obama. Florida because the large Jewish population may have some trepidation voting for a man who seems comfortable with the Palestinians (and were Hillary supporters by a greater than 2:1 margin) plus the Cuban vote plays large and they've seen what socialist policies can lead to. I mention Pennsylvania because the counties between Philly and Pittsburgh always decide the state and Obama's comments about them--as well as Murtha's for that matter--will not play well. McCain's made serious inroads in the Keystone State of late.

Add to that the fact that people aren't quite sure about Obama. He's an enigma. Although the media has generally made him out to be this genius who has a special connection with voters, even they are saying they know nothing about the man--this after spending a year with him. Also, before you go to the race card, it's not that America won't vote for a Black man, they may not feel comfortable voting for this Black man. There's a huge difference.

Is there a reason to hope? Yes. It all comes down to how they close and as any baseball fan knows, your closer is crucial. Is Obama Brad Lidge or the NY Mets bullpen?

I'm guessing that Joe Biden has been told to stick to the script today in Florida while Sarah Palin has been unleashed and told to go for the jugular in Ohio and Indiana.

Update: False hope or not?

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