Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Liberal Media is So Ignorant of Weapons

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So Newsweek takes a circa 2002 picture of Sarah Palin holding a shotgun and puts it on the cover. In the pantheon of Newsweek bias, this hardly registers a blip. A woman holding a gun? Gasp!


Anyway, here's the picture and it's fairly innocuous to Americans not living in New York, Boston, San Francisco or LA:

So the LA Times blog posts about it on the awards insider page of all things. Here's the post:

How did Newsweek convince Gov. Sarah Palin to pose with a rifle for its cover?

Simple. It didn't.

Instead, it used an archive (fancy speak for old) stock photo of her taken back in June 2002 and used it for the cover without her knowledge.

However, to the magazine's credit, it did not try to hide the fact that it's a stock photo, even printing circa 2002 on the cover and again referencing the date in editor Jon Meacham's letter entitled "The Palin Problem."
So that makes it OK.

Right? Or maybe not? What do you think?

Hey, is that even the right way to hold a rifle? Can't you shoot your foot off like that?

Just wondering.
And we now see why the media is always wrong on the gun issue. As many commenter's explained in nice and not so nice terms: it's not a rifle, it's a shot gun. And yes, that is a proper way to hold a shotgun that is broken at the breach and also unloaded.

How can one be so uninformed about a subject of which they write? That was rhetorical of course.

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