Thursday, October 09, 2008

How Effective is Ayers as a Campaign Issue?

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By the way the Obama campaign has been acting, very.

McCain not only stays on the offensive but increases the attack:

Why McCain didn't press this on Tuesday is beyond me but I digress. (Update: Obama is essentially saying the same thing for the record)

As Ed notes, McCain has added the requisite endorsement, which leads one to believe he's going to run this on TV in some markets and did not release it for Internet only.

But how effective will this tack be? Sure, people know of some of the details and Obama has been somewhat effective in countering them when aiming at those who don't know the minutiae of the relationship but this is devastating if the facts are fully known and the relationship is exposed.

Palin and McCain have got to pound Obama on this issue for at least the next week and then reopen the attacks on him with regard to Jeremiah Wright. He's on the defensive and if McCain/Palin can keep him that way, they'll close the gap.

I imagine that in the weeks after the campaign when undecideds are asked why they went for McCain, Ayers may well be a major reason.

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