Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Faves

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How one idiot became a horde of GOP thugs.

The NY Times (yes you read that correctly) reports on some shady donations to Obama. Yeah, they temper it a bit but still reported it.

Screwy Louie Farrakhan has declared that Barack Obama is the Messiah. Sorry Louie, the media beat you to that months ago.

The WSJ calls out Sen. Chris Dodd on Countrywide. If a Republican had been in bed with a mortgage lender as much as Dodd and Franks were, it would be on a non-stop loop on CNN.

Obama camp accused of stealing gun group e-mail list. I would imagine that none of the shooters are going to vote for him anyway. Maybe he's amassing the list so he knows whose guns to take first come January 21, 2009.

2008 will be remembered for two things: it was the year that the media sold it's collective soul and gave up any pretext of impartiality and the year that Democrats corrupted the voting system in ways previously unfathomable.

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