Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Case Against Obama

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With the election looming, it's time to ensure that the facts are known about just what an Obama victory would mean. Instead of the feel-good, if it makes you happy, warm fuzzy of what an Obama win would mean to liberals who think with their hearts and not their heads, it's time to explain what an Obama administration would seek to accomplish after the buzz is over and the man with little experience actually has to lead this nation.

Redistribution is the thread that runs through all of Obama's tax proposals. From letting the Bush tax cuts lapse in which we will all receive a tax increase to his Marxist policy of taking from the rich to feed the middle class, it's all very Euro-leftist. The fact that it is unsustainable is beside the point as is the fact that it is also un-American.

The very idea of taxing the hell out of "the Man" and starting yet another series of entitlement programs is mothers milk to libs. Too bad that American businesses will sink further led by the backbone of our economic system; small business. Why start a business, bust your ass for 16-18 hours a day and then give more to Uncle Obama? Liberals will look at this and be happy until they realize that they will suffer as businesses leave the nation in droves.

Health Care:
Do we have problems in our health care system? Yes. Is socialized medicine the answer? Hell no. How about we try other things less dramatic like tort reform to stop the ridiculous trial lawyers from suing over every little perceived mistake made by doctors and better agreements between hospitals and insurance providers.

The fact that socialized medicine has tanked in every country that has attempted it should give any intelligent person pause, but then, that would imply, once again, that people are thinking with their heads and that's not been the case with the giddy liberal establishment.

The Obama proposal to force businesses to buy and provide health insurance will only have the disastrous effect of driving those same people out of business.

National Security:
Obama is very unserious about foreign policy as made abundantly clear with his comments about Israel, Pakistan, Iraq and Iran as well as other allies and enemies. Joe Biden was exactly right in his assessment that Obama will indeed be tested in the first six months. President Bush has established quite clearly that we will respond with force regardless of what Europe or the UN thinks because our security is our problem.

Obama will adhere to the multilateral approach favored by John Kerry and most other liberals, an approach that will be disastrous for our men and women in uniform as well as civilians at home and abroad. Bill Clinton was one who cared what the world thought of us before doing what was in the best interest of our security and it resulted in us being attacked at the World Trade Center in 1993, Mogadishu, Dar-es-Salaam, Nairobi, Riyadh and finally at the World Trade Center once again in which thousands were incinerated.

Th UN and EU don't care about us as a nation and never have. They want us knocked down a peg because we are uncultured, brash and cocky. The sad thing is that Obama and his supporters feel the same way. American power is something to be reined in and if the consequences are such that it affects our interests, so be it. We will decide at the UN where the two nations who most want us down--China and Russia--hold sway.

Environmentalist's will see an Obama victory as a victory for them and we will see the systematic dismantling of the petroleum industry--one of the only sectors of our economy that remains strong. We will suffer as OPEC makes us their puppet and gas prices swing wildly based on their collective whim. The US auto industry will cease to exist for the most part as they could never compete with South Korea or Japan in emerging technologies and the aforementioned tax burdens placed on American businesses will ensure they continue to face heavy declines.

We'll sign on to the Kyoto Protocols, which have been shown to have a disastrous affect on any first world nation that signed on to them. China will exploit the fine print and progressively grow stronger while we flail about trying to meet limits on carbon emissions and impossible Kyoto goals.

An America under Obama will make America circa 1979 under Jimmy Carter look like paradise. With the ultra liberal Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid leading a veto-proof Congress, we'll see every Obama proposal passed without a second thought as to consequences. Their will be no forethought because these policies are feel good and feel good is all that matters. As we did in LBJ's Great Society, we allowed legislation to pass that resulted in Welfare--a policy that ensured a permanent minority underclass in our society. Hell, even Bill Clinton saw that it needed reform.

Obama will sign the most far-reaching entitlement programs we've ever sen in America. free speech will be severely curtailed when he re-institutes the "Fairness Doctrine" and America will be a nation whereby those who question the authority of leadership or who say anything deemed "hate speech" will be subjected to trials and punishment. The media who were complicit in ushering in Obama will be neutered--and this time not by their own choice but by the man they acted as lapdog to.

This is the decision we must make, one in which the fate of our nation as we know it and as intended by our Founding Fathers is at stake. We will cease to be the guiding light that attracts citizens of every nation to our shores and instead become a nation of drones who rely on the government for everything they need. In other words; a nation that won't deserve to be called America.

Update: I neglected to even mention the courts. This will make you very worried.


Anonymous said...

Were you alive during the Clinton Administration? Do you remember that economy? Prosperity? Unity? Were we under a Socialist leader then?

As Powell said, all taxes are indeed a form of redistribution. Do you not see the good in those tax dollars going to schools, hospitals, roads, and yes to help the middle class who do indeed pay taxes. Can you imagine what life would be like for a single woman unable to make ends meet while paying her fair share in pay roll taxes. She might not pay income taxes, but that does not diminish her contribution and I see the good in helping out those in our middle class that make this country work. Spending a trillion on a stupid war I guess makes sense to you, spending a trillion to bail out Wallstreet is okay but helping strengthen the middle class now that no that is Socialism. Makes no sense. I happen to be in the above 250,000 that will be taxed differently and have no problem raising taxes and helping get this country out of the gutter. How can we not raise taxes? War, deficits, bailouts? Where do you think the money will come from? I guess more from China? I find most that complain do not even make 250 or above which is laughable that those people bitch and moan yet will not even be taxed.

Obama does not want to socialize healthcare. My evil (Republican) mother in law makes millions in home healthcare. She does not provide health insurance for her employees. She drives her BMW, spends hundreds even thousands on clothing, trips, gripes if the weather is nice on election day because she would rather poor people cannot vote. She sits in her office and watches the money come in - not to discredit her achievements she does a good job and has starting and running the company. But without the nurses that work for her she would have no company. She treats them like shit and I hope she is forced to provide health insurance. She should and others should and it would not drive her out of business it just might drive her out of a few less pairs of 500$ shoes a year.

I cannot address each of your points as I have two children to tend to, not that you would even care or read my response. You are off base without a lot of your criticism. I think Obama will unite and start to fix this country. Even if the first step is to have a better, smarter voice for this country. That alone is worth my vote.

Scott said...

Were youalive when Clinton was in office? He was way more centrist than Obama and knew full-well that pure socialism as Obama wants would destroy the country. Clinton cut welfare for crying out loud.

It sounds like your mother-in-law isn't redistributing enough your way and you're bitter.

Yes, spending a trillion on Iraq and Afghanistan was the best trillion we ever spent. I don't recall getting attacked in the last seven years since 9/11.

Spending a trillion on the bailout was against my wishes as you'd know if you read what I write. It was socialist to bail them out and I think we should have let them tank.

Obama will make things dramatically worse and it will take years to repair the mess, just like it took Reagan years to repair after Carter.

Anonymous said...

Gross. You and my mother in law would get along great. I do not want to touch her dirty money and have given away every gift she has given us and my kids. Her son does well maybe even better than her on his own. I believe that Obama will center himself as president and I am excited to vote for the guy. You on the other hand can keep spewing your venom and will be bitter on Nov 5 while I join arms with those even from the right that are moving toward this guy. You suck. Angry, bitter, Republican. Have fun with Matt Drudge and Sean Hannity.

Greg Smith said...

Anger and bitterness indeed drove a great deal of behavior we have seen in the last weeks and months. One thing that conservatives need to do is focus on positive, future oriented positioning of their ideals, being extra careful not to invoke the "angry bitter republican" canard. Just so, even when we do this the liberal machine will reflexively jump to what it knows best, labeling us "bitter angry bigots" when we address matters of pure policy as has been done here.

a young generation of liberals is angry over the last 8 years. They are so angry they are willing to systematically deconstruct anything left standing in Bush's wake. On some of these issues they are right and reform is needed. But I see a coming wave of NEO liberalization that will make fundamental changes to the controls in our country which prevent the balance of power from shifting too far either direction or sticking to one side for too long. Remember how the republican party DIDNT invoke the "nuclear" option to bust persistent obstructionism by democrats? I do not believe the Neo-Liberals will exercise such constraint.

I foresee an Obama administration, fed by adoring supporters, which gradually erodes the things that make the US unique, desirable and successful. He will make us more like Europe. He will make us more subject to global bodies populated with many oppressive cultures that want the US to become just another socialist people's quagmire so their oppressed citizens will stop dreaming that a better future may be in store for them as well.

My hope is two-fold
1) That an Obama administration will move quickly and radically towards the left, inspiring the needed backlash to wash away the liberal majorities as those moderates and independents see exactly what kind of a party they have voted for.
2) That after this cleansing we will be able to mitigate and reverse the damage invariably coming to the Liberty and independent sovereignty of the US

My only frequent prayer of late has been that the balance of power be maintained and that conservatives maintain just enough power to counter the ill-conceived wave of liberalization fueled by anti-war and anti-bush rage that exists without any encumbrance by civics or indeed logic.