Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Successful UN Operation

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The Democrats are firm believers that we should defer to the United Nations on all things concerning our national security. We get attacked by Islamo-Fascist's their response is to go to the UN. Hell, John Kerry built his campaign on the issue in 2004.

Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of UN-led peace-keeping missions would note that they have never been helpful and in most cases end up making things much worse:

KIBATI, Congo - The refugees watched in anger as the U.N. tanks headed away from the battlefield and the Tutsi rebels they were supposed to be stopping.

"Where are they going? They're supposed to protect us!" shouted Jean-Paul Maombi, a 31-year-old nurse who had fled his village because of the violence. Nearby, young men hurled rocks at the U.N. troops.

The quick unraveling of the world's largest U.N. peacekeeping effort has come as no surprise to the mission's critics, who complain the force was unprepared for its main task - protecting civilians from the war.

Growing numbers of civilians are furious at the United Nations' failure to keep them safe. Angry Congolese have pelted rocks at all four U.N. compounds in the provincial capital of Goma, a city of 600,000 near the border with Rwanda.

On Wednesday, tens of thousands of residents, refugees and government soldiers fled in a chaotic torrent ahead of advancing rebels. A cease-fire appeared to halt most fighting yesterday in Goma.

Not only are UN "forces" cowards who retreat when facing even minimal opposition, they are also rapists who prey on young girls as standard operating procedure.

But have no fear, folks, A President Obama will likely defer to the UN to keep us safe. I for one will feel much better knowing that the UN is not only raping young girls in their name but doing it in our name as well.

With the proposed reduction of military funding of 25% or more, we'll need this roving band of misfits and thugs to ensure that the world is safe from less moral misfits and thugs. Why maintain the greatest fighting force the world has ever known--a military that has won a war many libs declared lost--when we can rely on the upstanding United Nations to carry the load?

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