Monday, October 06, 2008

2nd Debate Preview

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Expect fireworks.

McCain has two more shots but this is the one to change the momentum. With the way things are trending, it's mucho important

How will the Maverick play it? If he goes with the talking points Maverick, probably not so good. Should he opt for the take no prisoners, get down and dirty Maverick, he could put The One on the defensive and turn him into a stuttering fool like he has a tendency to do sans teleprompter so it could be an enjoyable evening. I foresee a free-flowing debate in which the MSM will immediately declare The Messiah the winner but the public may see it differently. I also foresee McCain playing the Ayers/Wright/Fannie Mae card in which case I see the MSM calling it for Obama and saying McCain was mean, grumpy, surly or racist (or maybe a composite of all four).

Either way, The Maverick has to come out swinging and ready to take Obama down a few pegs. Take it to him from the opening bell and not let up for the duration. Yes, it could backfire, but as I noted earlier, these issues I mentioned above are new to those who have been living life and not reading blogs daily so if McCain hammers it home, it could be a game changer.

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