Monday, October 06, 2008

The Bittersweetness of Being a Philly Sports Fan

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For those of you who are not sports fans, you'll never understand this post. For those who are, you'll see where I'm coming from.

The Phillies won the NLDS yesterday in convincing fashion, they hit four homers and Joe Blanton threw a gem. So I should be happy, right? Yeah, I should but in Philly, we're that dude who's had his heart broken by too many girls. We're the guy who suffered through the one he thought was The One running off with the cable guy...five friggin' times, dude. Now granted, we're not Cubs fans, they're the dude who can't even score with the dumpy chick at 2:30. I mean, lost case there. Preview here (and yes, I know it's a betting site but those dude's are usually pretty on).

But I digress.

No, we haven't had a championship in this city since 1983 (unless you count Villanova in 1985 over Georgetown and we do if we're grasping at straws...which we are). The Phillies made it to the Series in that time but that SOB Joe Carter ruined it. The Sixers made it to the finals and got whacked, the Eagles lost to New England and the Flyers got beat by Edmonton (that one still hurts) and swept by the Red Wings in that time as well.

I like this team and it's happening--I'm falling again and this girl surely is The One...isn't she

BTW, Phillies in six

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