Monday, September 29, 2008

Your Vote is Crucial This Year

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We've had 2-years of San Fran Nan that have accomplished absolutely nothing of consequence. Today's failure is just the latest in a string of horrid leadership attempts by the impotent Democrats.

That's why this election looms so large. Given a veto-proof majority, I guarantee that Pelosi will get many things accomplished: tax increases, socialized medicine, reduced military spending, etc.

There are seats that are now in the GOP stable that must remain so and one is right here in South Jersey. Rep. Jim Saxton is retiring after decades in Congress and there's a tough battle going on to replace him. Mayor Chris Myers is the candidate we have to support and protect this seat.

He's a decorated Navy vet, an executive with a major defense contractor, a mayor of my home town and strong Conservative presence. His opponent is a hyper-educated do-gooder liberal whose biggest claim to fame in his political career is getting a smoking ban passed throughout the state. He'll fit right in in Pelosi's nanny-state Congress to be sure.

It's time to get serious, we face a financial meltdown that will be with us for awhile and the continuing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Terror groups are not beaten, just weakened and Russia is getting froggy in our own hemisphere thumbing their noses at the Monroe Doctrine.

Please read up on Chris Myers and you'll see that he's the candidate we need to replace Rep. Saxton.

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