Tuesday, September 16, 2008


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On 11 September 2001, the World got a wake-up call.

Since then, it seems the World has rolled over, hit snooze and gone back to sleep.

In the last fortnight in Australia, Islamic clerics have been convicted of terrorism, and plotting the most awful crimes against humanity and the society which has provided them food, shelter, and plenty of money.

The hearing had been told the group originally planned to launch a terrorist strike on the 2005 AFL Grand Final between the Sydney Swans and the West Coast Eagles at Melbourne's packed MCG.

When ASIO and police raids disrupted these plans, the target was allegedly switched to the final of the AFL pre-season competition or Melbourne's Crown casino during Grand Prix weekend in 2006.

The hearing was told that Benbrika had tried to obtain up to 500kg of explosives made from ammonium nitrate fertiliser from an undercover police officer and some of his followers had tried to buy guns, including AK-47 assault rifles.

Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland welcomed the convictions, describing the case as "the most successful terrorist prosecution that this country has seen".

That report, was a mere 5 days after the anniversary of 9/11. You'd think people had such matters in the forefront of their mind.

Due to some unrelated political upheavals locally however, there was not a single letter to the editor about this in any mainstream newspaper down here, today. It was yesterday's news the day it was reported.

Wake up Australia.

Meanwhile, the restrictions on 'sub judice' reporting mean most of the facts of this trial weren't reported until much later. I cannot help but wonder whether hearing about it months ago may have changed our last federal election result. Instead, Prime Minister John Howard was given the boot and we had to listen to people saying how relieved they were that his 'racist politics' were history. Some of those politics might have prevented this person entering the country or seen him deported. Instead, his deportation had been overturned and the results are there for everyone to see.

Managing Islamic immigration is a discussion we need to have. Sadly, it's just not on the agenda.


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