Thursday, September 11, 2008

Palinmania is Contagious

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If there were ever a VP selection that elicited a greater outpouring of emotion than Gov. Sarah Palin, I'm hard-pressed to find him. From the moment it appeared it may be her to now, she's had an effect on both sides that's is so palpable as to be mind-boggling.

For Conservatives, she is a blessing and a warrior who has no problem praising Hillary one second then pummeling Barack Obama the next. It's a true marvel to watch and as Politico notes, she's devastating in her ruthlessness yet still comes off as nice:

When she finally takes aim at the opposition, her attacks are delivered in perky, dulcet tones that polish off the sharp edges.
Many forget that most people weren't paying attention until the last few weeks and the hits at Barack Obama don't seem as edgy to them as it does those who've been writing about the campaign for a year or so. She delivers stinging criticism with a smile and a twinkle in her eye. A rare talent indeed.

The other side has had a reaction that borders on insanity. They have the same gut reaction to Palin that we do to Hillary. Why, because we all thought Hillary was going to be the candidate we were going to have to defeat so we constantly called attention to her penchant for political expediency and her shrewd political mien. Instead, we got Obama.

Palin elicits hatred from the Democrats that took us on the right years to develop--I guess their collective hatred gland is about as quick and unthinking as a teenagers pituitary gland.

She's the real deal folks and it has the Obama campaign in a lather. They've lost their groove to the point that Biden is a stuttering fool talking of Hillary as a better candidate and asking wheelchair-bound men to stand up at rallies.

Granted, Palin has not said much except regurgitating her acceptance speech. That's got to change soon. If it doesn't, she's not going to maintain her popularity at current levels until November.

It's go time and we all await Sarah Palin speaking with Charlie Gibson.

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Anonymous said...

DUDE you have GOT to be worried now! That Gibson interview whoa. Trouble. I could barely watch it and I cannot stand her, but I felt bad for her. She is WAY out of her league. Biden will own her - inevitable.