Thursday, September 11, 2008

The World Since 9/11

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Seven years. Seven years since the world changed from a semi-peaceful place to one where radical Islam made itself known to the world.

Sure, prior to that beautiful, cloudless day we had been attacked in Riyadh, Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Yemen, Mogadishu and in New York but it never dawned on us that we weren't safe. It never occurred to the average citizen that we had failed in combating an enemy who declared war on us. An enemy who plotted in secrecy and unleashed a horror that is still incomprehensible. 3,000 people died that day in horrific fashion and we were shell-shocked.

President Bush was resolute and prepared us for a war that began on October 7th and is still being fought. He stood tall amid the carnage and made clear that America was not going to treat this as a criminal case but as an act of war that would be avenged.

We took the battle to those who wished us harm in Afghanistan and Iraq and aided in the fight in the Philippines. We took out al-Qaeda jihadi's in Yemen and Pakistan while putting those who wish us harm on notice that no, we wouldn't take it anymore. We were ready for battle and the country said it's on. We defeated al-Qaeda in Iraq and are still fighting them the world over in actions known and unknown.
9/11 was a day when most Americans were happy that ten months previous the Supreme Court said that George W, Bush had indeed beat Al Gore in Florida. 9/11 became an event that will be the litmus test for presidential candidates for the next thirty years. It was a day that changed everything.

To those who suffered loss that day, know that those you've lost are not forgotten. To those who perpetrated this vile offense, we will get you even if it takes another seven years and to those who wish to try again, know we will be ever vigilant as long as we have men and women of honor leading our nation. We can't back down. President Bush has protected us these last seven years and he deserves great credit for that. He will not receive it today or even tomorrow but his legacy will be that we were not attacked again even as it seemed that we were about to face terror in all of our major cities.

I drive by Manhattan every day most weeks and I still look over and remember what those buildings looked like and think of those who died.

Never forget.

Update: It's most definitely still a war that is not yet won.

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