Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin Wowed Them

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Excellent speech. I can't say more than I said in the previous post.

Did she even stutter once?

I'm guessing Conservatives and Republicans are in thrall while libs and Dems are cursing about now. I've actually turned on MSNBC to see the smirk on Olbermann's face.

McCain looks like a genius.

Short summery: She friggin' nailed it.

Long summary to come tomorrow sometime.

I've never been prouder to be a Republican than this moment with the exception of when GWB spoke at Ground Zero..

Olbermann is apoplectic and gave some stupid assed comment. Matthews didn't get a thrill up his leg it seems. I guess only Obama does that. Chris seems a bit scared as does Olby.

Olby calls some of her words "condescension." He's really worried.

David Gregory said "uh" more times before speaking than Palin did the last half-hour.

MSNBC is not giving her the props she so richly deserves.

Man, Olby is incredibly perplexed and was hoping that she would bomb...she didn't. David Gregory keeps comparing her to Biden but says "it's one level of the test."

Yeah, they're incredibly shook up by that speech that shook the core of the media.

Update: Yeah, she was incredibly effective.

Andrea Mitchell looks as if she just had a bug fly in her mouth. She's coming upon the realization that this woman is a nightmare for Obama.

Update: Rachel Maddow called it "sniping," That's the meme, folks.

Update: What the hell did Brian Williams just say? It was fluff to the extreme and he didn't let Brokaw even speak. Jeez, MSNBC is a liberal sewer now that Russert has died. Even Brokaw seems afraid to speak his mind but did give a tepid endorsement to her speech.

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Khaki Elephant said...

Ha. I just wrote about MSNBC's coverage as well after tuning in last night to see their spin. What a comical train wreck