Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin Watch

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It's day six and Sarah Palin is still the only story the media gives a damn about. Here's the lowdown from today:

Peggy Noonan isn't on board with the Sarah Palin pick evidently. It kind of kills the sentiments she put forth here, doesn't it.

Jim Treacher is back writing at his own blog and tearing it up.

Senator McCain is standing by his pick and he even had this moment where he met Bristol Palin's husband-to-be.

The highly irritating Dr. Laura jumps in the fray and slams McCain. Does anyone still listen to her annoying drivel?

Victor Davis Hanson comes up with a new word that will live on like "swiftboating" has.

Tonight's a most crucial night for Sarah Palin and I for one am pulling hard for her. Many on the left will criticize her for anything and everything regardless but they've managed to lower expectations dramatically so the pressure is reduced somewhat. It doesn't mater, those people will never vote for her and they're not the target anyway. Many others who have not heard her speak will hear her for the first time this evening and she is an eloquent speaker to be sure. She can win over some folks tonight and at the very least make others take notice.

Good luck, Governor.

Update: Credit where it's due. One liberal womens group stands up for Palin. They make it crystal clear they don't like her ideology but can't be called hypocrite neither.

Also, the media didn't report anything about John Edwards because it was in the National Enquirer--a tabloid. Let's see if they can bring themselves to ignore this unsourced garbage. I guarantee they'll use the Edwards wasn't running for anythinga nd Palin is line.

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