Friday, September 05, 2008

Palin Favorables Better Than Obama

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Plus her numbers are better than both McCain and Biden:

A week ago, most Americans had never heard of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Now, following a Vice Presidential acceptance speech viewed live by more than 40 million people, Palin is viewed favorably by 58% of American voters. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 37% hold an unfavorable view of the self-described hockey mom.

...Perhaps most stunning is the fact that Palin’s favorable ratings are now a point higher than either man at the top of the Presidential tickets this year. As of Friday morning, Obama and McCain are each viewed favorably by 57% of voters. Biden is viewed favorably by 48%.
That's got to be giving the Obama campaign some agita so I would expect the attacks to pick up significantly. I imagine the Obama people are in Alaska as we speak looking into every single detail of every single issue Sarah Palin has been involved with. I'm hoping there's no real October surprise but I expect them to trumpet something in the days before the election. It's crucial for the McCain campaign to rebut every single allegation within hours with cold, hard facts and to keep Obama on the defensive as often as possible.

We're at the point that Politico is passing on e-mails from bored housewives in Wasilla who once had a run-in with Palin over some inane local issue. I know in my smallish town, every politician has made people mad and for Politico to even publish this woman's words is telling as to how deep they are looking into every accusation. If only they had vetted Barack Obama this deeply, he'd have not been hurt by the Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers and Father Pflegel scandals.

Sadly, it appears Obama beats her in the over-the-hill, fat, washed up singer demographic.

Exit question: Will Oprah's ratings be hurt as much as subscriptions at US magazine for being anti-Palin?


Anonymous said...

Obama should have listened to Karl Rove. After McCain named Palin, last friday, Rove was asked 'how should the democrats respond?' His answer: 'ignore her... she's not the nominee'. Exactly right.

Instead Obama followed the media's lead, and started piling on her. To his credit, Obama did say that the family stuff was off-limits, but that wasn't enough. He still went after her on her background. The problem with that is that it just raises her profile. The presidential nominee is supposed to stay above the fray. The whole purpose of having a VP nominee is to act as dispenser of red meat to the base, and attack dog, while the nominee keeps his hands clean.

By attacking Palin, all Obama did was ensure that ALOT of people would watch her on Wednesday night - and watch her they did. It wouldn't have surprised me if she got more viewers than McCain did (although we now know that McCain even topped Obama). And when the media attacked her for being a rube and a 'bimbo' they set the expectation bar really low.

When she got up there and hit it out of the park (like I knew she would - newsflash, folks in the media - YOU may not have known who Sarah was before she was picked, but we conservatives sure did... you don't go from PTA to governor (with astronomically high approval ratings) in that short a time while being a 'bimbo'), the media was totally sideswiped. The looks on the faces of the anchors at NBC after her speech was the icing on the cake.

You would have thought that the Obama camp would have learned, but no, they didn't. They continue to attack her. The nominee shouldn't attack - and if you do, for the love of all that's good and decent, you DON'T attack your opponent's VP pick! The absolute idiocy that the Obama camp is exhibiting here is breathtaking. He's not a stupid guy - but his staff should be fired. He's getting really bad advice.

So what's the result of all this? Obama, according to Rasmussen, is now more popular than Obama, and is on par with him on the question of who the more qualified person is to be president! And she's the VP nominee. Obama's camp HAS to be pulling their collective hair out over that one. Also, Biden has been totally marginalized - good going, Barack. So, now the race is Obama vs. McCain AND Palin.

Word to the wise, Barack - PALIN IS NOT YOUR OPPONENT! McCain is. While you're busy attacking her, who's attacking him? Hmmm...? Biden? He's been pushed off the radar screen, in case you haven't noticed.

I just love the fact that the media is so taken with Obama's 'obviously superior' political skills. That's it - keep telling your guy exactly what he wants to hear. That'll help him alot.

Anonymous said...

a lot - two words.

The attack dogs are on the opposite side. Obama and Biden are not attacking her personally. They have class.