Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Evening News and Notes

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After a weekend that entailed coaching baseball in Rehoboth, DE and a Phils sweep of the Brewers to put them in a tie for first in the Wild Card chase, we have some interesting news fro around the web.

Good dog! A dog dials 911 when owner suffers seizure.

More Democratic voter fraud is linked to ACORN. Their heads will explode if McCain/Palin win this thing. I can't wait to hear their whiny little asses when it happens

Oil is now below $100 per barrel. Free markets do indeed work. Meanwhile, the Dems caved on another principled stand and have told their base to essentially kiss their asses

Joe Biden is an idiot (or at least more of a raving idiot than he appeared last week

Pink Floyd keyboardist Rick Wright has died from cancer. Wright pictured at right.

1 comment:

Dan said...

Yeah, it's a good dog alright, but the headline's a bit misleading.

It didn't "dial 911", but rather pushed a button preprogrammed with 911, as it has been trained to do.