Monday, September 01, 2008

Don Fowler Sees God's Hand in Gustav

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Yeah, those Democrats are all-caring and all-feeling, aren't they?

Former DNC Chair Don Fowler has a bit of a chuckle about the fact that Hurricane Gustav is devastating Louisiana on the first day of the GOP convention:

Nice guy. I'm not sure what's more surprising; the fact that he actually saw political gain in misery or the fact that he actually believes in God.

Anyway, judging by the tape, he seems pretty relaxed when discussing the hurricane. Hey, so hundreds of thousands may be displaced but it's a plus for the Dems so it's all good.

Of course he gave a mealy-mouthed apology : "If this offended anybody, I personally apologize..."

But wait, it gets better. It's not the fact that he said the words, it's that those words were caught on tape and he was busted. It seems that it all that he's sorry about.

As for the man he was talking to, that would be Rep. Spratt, a fellow Democrat. Spratt is from South carolina and guess where the next hurricane is headed? Would Mr. Fowler or Rep. Spratt care to opine on the Almighty's reason for sending this baby right into Rep. Spratt's backyard?


obamaman said...

The Bush Admin did much worse than a chuckle. They did not rovide water for days after Katrina. You do not see the humor in the timing? I pray no one is hurt or loses a home and the storm has been downgraded to a 2 but I share the laugh.

Scott said...

Anyone with half a, okay, I forgot whon I was talking to.

Anyway, Bush was not allowed to enter LA until asked by then-Gov. Blanco. Mayor Nagin's plan was evacuate eveyone to the Superdome, that worked out real well, huh?

FEMA made mistakes but nothing compared to the lack of planing by the Mayor and Governor. Revisionist history is what you are souting.

And no, I don't see the humor at all whether it gets downgraded to a Cat 2 or 1. People are displaced and many of them are people of color.

Nice compassion you Dems and Libs are showing right about now. Scumbags, all.

obamadudette said...

Denial. Please. Stop.