Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Convention Notes

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Gov. Palin speaks tonight. It may have been said one or one million times that this is the speech of a lifetime whenever some pol has an important speech (like Obama's speech on race, which was an utter failure). This speech is truly a huge moment for Sarah Palin as an individual and the party as a whole. Many of the folks in this country will get to see her and hear her and I would imagine that when she appears on stage and isn't sporting horns, wings and a forked tail, some will be shocked. When she speaks and doesn't sound like Barbie they'll be surprised. When she delivers, they'll be on the bandwagon.

Former Senator Fred Thompson and Sen. Joe Lieberman kicked the convention into high gear last night. Lieberman was not Sen. Zell Miller but he was effective. Thompson defended Palin and spoke well of the man who is McCain. Let's hope that people actually tuned in and watched.

There didn't seem to be much action on the streets with the lefty street gangs waging violence--or maybe they just locked everybody up. That's probably a very pleasant cell to be in.

Not sure if this is good or bad but Pat Buchanan is raving about Palin.

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