Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Appeal of Palin

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This will be the last all Palin, all the time post but she has the entire country intrigued. Just think, last Thursday, no one but me and a few other political geeks outside of Alaska even knew who she was. Today, everyone is talking about her. McCain couldn't have even foreseen this much buzz.

The last few days have seen a whirlwind of activity from her being named after breathless hours of speculation to a speech that made Conservatives cheer and Democrats take notice to the lefty scum taking aim at her daughter and the eventual admission that her daughter is in fact pregnant.

Four days we've had to get to know her and amazingly--as put by someone I read today--we know her better than we know Obama. We know she was a hoops player, is a hunter and angler, was a sportscaster, has problems just like any other normal family and is not afraid to duke it out with whoever gets in her way. In other words, she's human. She doesn't resonate elitism or intellectualism because she--like most in Alaska--is a down-to-Earth person who puts on no airs.

People have made snap judgements and I'm sure you heard several different opinions while drinking beers at Labor Day picnics but I've a feeling she'll make those who immediately doubted her think twice. They'll see her speak tomorrow night at the convention and they'll see her go toe to toe with "plagiarism Joe" on national TV. She's withstood more intense media scrutiny since Friday than Barack Obama has his entire campaign and she's still there, still fighting and still keeping that fire in her belly alight.

Do I agree with everything she stands for? No, but then Bush 's (and McCain's) stance on immigration is the exact opposite of mine. George H.W. Bush raised taxes and the great Ronald Reagan granted illegal aliens amnesty. If any of us are awaiting the perfect candidate, you'll never vote. Libs seem to think Obama is that perfect but they are looking through rose-colored, coke bottle thick glasses.

Give her a couple of weeks and then let's reassess, but for me, I'm on her bandwagon unless something seriously breaks that actually has significance to the campaign. And no, her daughter getting pregnant doesn't even register on that scale. I'll give this military mom a chance because she's more like me and my family than any candidate of the last fifty years

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