Monday, September 08, 2008

Big Gain McCain: Leads Ohio and Colo.

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Ohio was the state that won it for Bush in 2004 and looks to be one of the battleground states again with Colorado and Pennsylvania.

McCain made a nice move post-convention in the Buckeye state:

The latest Fox News/Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Ohio, finds John McCain out in front of Barack Obama 51% to 44%.

McCain is viewed favorably by 63% of Ohio voters and unfavorably by 35%. Obama’s ratings are 50% favorable, 48% unfavorable.
So...Mavericky. The favorables show just how much people have stopped believing in the "hope and change" BS.

And what of Colorado?

The poll, released Monday by the Tarrance Group, shows Republican John McCain leading Democrat Barack Obama 47 percent to 45 percent in the presidential race in Colorado.
Pennsylvania is a different animal altogether. Philly is overwhelmingly black yet the rest of the state is rural farmers and coal miners until we hit the next urban area, Pittsburgh, a largely blue collar area. If I were McCain, I play Obama over and over calling Pennsylvanians "clingers" to guns guns and religion (Sarah Palin rammed that home during the convention). It will work wonders. Plus, Pennsy's bow hunting season starts this Saturday an hour before sunrise, I'd like to see Gov. Palin take down a ten-point whitetail hanging out with the boys in Lehigh County. It probably wouldn't do to have pix of her field dressing it though.

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