Friday, August 08, 2008

News & Notes--8/8/8 Edition

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The Olympics start today and China gets her time on the world stage. Here's to hoping it has the same effect as the Seoul Olympics did.

Anyway, here's the latest happenings throughout the Internets:

The Russian bear is getting froggy in South Ossetia. Putin (and don't kid yourself, he's still calling the shots through his proxy) is still a Soviet to the bone and will always be. Could Cold War II be on the horizon?

The new Obama salute:

As soon as I saw it it brought to mind this image from Pink Floyd's epic The Wall:

I was beaten to the punch, however. Via Glenn who notes a Star Trek angle. Update: Too damn funny!

The Edwards/Rielle Hunter story is still in first gear but the clutch is being depressed.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Vs. the ACLU. I take Arpaio in that one.

Blogging will be light as I'm taking a few well-deserved days off.

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